GB Ep 54: Establishing a Morning Routine that Works For You

morning routine

Today I’m going to tell you how I structure my morning routine to set my day up for success so you can take what you like and apply it to yours.

  • I make sure I’m in bed by 9:30 or 10:00 pm so I can wake up by 5:30 or 6:00 am while getting 8 hours of sleep – I need this rest because I don’t intake much caffeine (no coffee). [01:21]
  • I start the day with The Five Minute Journal. I fill out the few lines it gives me in the morning and the evening. I recommend the physical version instead of Evernote. [01:49]
  • I use Habit List to keep track of the habits that I want to implement every single day to focus on discipline rather than motivation. In my habit list, I have my wake up time, meditation, flossing, working out, etc. [02:45]
  • I go straight into meditation for 10 minutes after filling in the five minute journal. I use an app called Calm for guided meditation. [03:30]
  • By doing these things first, I’m priming the day and starting on a positive note. [03:57]
  • My coach taught me an exercise (which you can use) on defining your essence. You figure out six traits you think embody you. I recite these every single morning. [04:21]
  • I visualize an achievement of my goals for the next one to five years to remind myself, even though they change. [04:41]
  • Within Habit List, I also track things like working out, accomplishing one big thing, and writing a blog post. I check off what I do every day and get statistics that show me how well I’m doing over time. [05:13]
  • The morning routine ties into establishing great habits. When you start off doing the hard things with consistency, it starts you off on the right foot so you can keep moving forward. [06:10]

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