GB 111: How Checklists Can Help Grow Your Business

GB 111 - How checklists can help grow your business

Today I want to talk about the importance of having checklists. I’ve alluded to it in the past, but they’re so important to grow your business, I think they deserve their own little segment.

  • Checklists are a really easy way for your employees to have something to follow, especially if they’re like me and not 100% detail-oriented. [00:39]
  • You will have great employees that just aren’t as detail-oriented, and checklists can be a great way to get them stared on something new. In a sense, it’s training wheels just to make sure they don’t accidentally miss out on anything. [00:55]
  • Once you have a checklist working for you, you don’t have to worry about people screwing up. [01:19]
  • Checklists can be used for everything: webinars, sales prospecting, anything. [01:25]
  • Ultimately, it will be these small processes that will compound and help you build: everything starts with a process, and the process is what helps things scale. [01:42]
  • If you have any cool checklists to share, we’d love to hear about them in the comments. [02:02]

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