GB Ep 61: 6 Reasons to do a Workcation


A few weeks ago, I took my team out to San Diego to do a workcation there. We started on Saturday and combined it with an internet marketing conference so we knocked out learning and team bonding at the same time.

  1. Team bonding [01:29]
    • Especially with some team members working in different states, to be able to see each other is awesome. Seeing someone in person and getting to know them better makes a difference. Even if you meet just once, you have more rapport than with someone who’s just a block of text.
  2. New ideas [02:23]
    • People are motivated and you can really get things done. You start setting goals for the company, each individual, and this is when a flurry of activity starts to happen. A quarterly workcation is ideal, so you can review goals and check in with each other.
  3. New learning [03:12]
    • Whether we’re going to a conference or not, we’re going over things together as a team. We might put together some digital marketing courses on the TV and go over it together. You can get engaged as a team and see where people are at when you’re sitting right next to them, which shows you how to mentor them and what they need to work on moving forward.
  4. Rejuvenation [03:48]
    • When a lot of new ideas come out and you see people working together, you feel a lot more motivated.
  5. Getting everyone on the same page [04:16]
    • Individual goals are no longer a guessing game, it’s something that’s crystal clear. And if it’s not crystal clear, you can work on it until it is.
  6. Explore new areas [04:48]
    • Some companies will go around the world and incorporate the travel aspect of a workcation combined with business.
  • If you have a large company, this is something you would do with your executive team and expect your managers to do it with their respective departments. [05:10]
  • It does get expensive, but the benefits far outweigh the costs. [05:21]

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