GB Ep 69: When You Should be Using Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants (VAs) are people you can hire to help you with basic, repetitive tasks. They’re often located overseas with lower pay rates, but finding and training a good one can save you loads of time and money. Today I’m going over different situations that are better handled by using virtual assistants.

  • Things you can use a VA for:  [01:37]
    • Data entry
    • Graphic design
    • Light programming work
    • Light marketing work
    • Light SEO work like keyword research
    • Writing unique product descriptions
  • If trained well, VAs can save you a lot of time and money. Their wages are middle to high class, so it’s good money for them, so they will do great work for you as long as you’re committed to put in the time upfront to hand-hold and train them in your business. [02:09]
  • In the next episode, I’ll talk about how to use VAs and where to find them. [02:35]
  • Personally, I have used VAs for:  [02:43]
    • Calendar scheduling
    • Finding new interviewees for Growth Everywhere
    • Writing these show notes
    • Transcription
  • It can’t be too high-level work because you’ve never met the person, and there are a lot of different cultural nuances to keep in mind. [03:08]
  • Almost every VA I’ve talked to is very smart. Sometimes you will get lucky to find a super VA that can do more than a typical VA, sort of like an A-player in a full-time job. [03:38]

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