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At the end of the day, measuring your life is like measuring a marketing campaign in that you’re able to pick and choose what you measure. And while the tools we have today aren’t perfect in terms of measuring our lives, they’re certainly much better than what we had in the past.

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Growth Bites and this afternoon.

Today we are going to be talking about on how you can measure your life. So, it’s not perfect today but I mean, the tools that we have around us are much better than what we had before, at least from what I know. And measuring your life, it’s the same thing what the marketing campaign. You are able to manage what you measure at the end of the day.

So, the first thing I’d like to do is, I use to a tool I called a Habit List. There’s a similar one called which is formerly known as Lift. But, basically I set the habits that I’m trying to really knock out every single day. So, when I wake up in the morning I want to meditate. I want to wake up before 6 am and I want to recite my goals in the morning. I just really want to get through to my morning routine. I want to write to my 5 minute-journal which I’ll talk about in a second but I list out all the habits I want to knock out and then, we’ll check them out off each day. And then over time I am able to review the analytics just to see how consistent I am. The habits that I have is called trained which is you know, it was formerly known as workout but after listening to one of our team’s first episodes about how you should be labelling a trained instead of working out, it’s now trained. So, anyway I could see how consistent I am. I think, last week I was at a 100 %, the week before I was at 67 %. So I can constantly monitor or maybe adjust, as the numbers show me like kind of where I stand so that’s good. Habit List, it’s a manual work but I mean, you’ll really establish a habit of doing that. And the same thing, as I establish, you can have it like a habit like brushing your teeth or flossing.

So Habit List is in there and the next thing is a 5 minute journal which is something I talked about in the past but I mean, journaling, being able to look at the past, what you consider a good day and looking at, knowing just what you consider a good day but how you kind of think over time. You are able to look at, let’s say I look back on a journal entry maybe 2 or 3 months ago. I mean, I just look at what state of mind that I’m in general. Am I sad in general? Am I happy in general? Am I neutral? I am able to see that and I am able to see the evolution over time and I’m also able to see what I’m kind of grateful for and what I deem important. So it’s interesting when you look at that and maybe reflect or maybe adjust in the future. Now there’s a lot of fitness trackers nowadays. You have the Fit Bit. You have the Job Bone, Up and there’s just so many trackers out there. But let’s say you don’t even have time for a tracker, you can’t afford one at the moment. If you have a smart phone like an iPhone, you know, I use the app called Steps and I am able to track how many steps I am taking per day.  Mentally, I’m putting my weight and just tracking it over time. And I also use something called My Fitness Pal which I believe also integrate with the trackers like Fit Bit and Up but in My Fitness Pal, I’m entering my diet each day, my weight over time just to see where I stand exactly, you know how many calories I am consuming. I am also entering in my workout too. So really, it’s all about, I think at the very top, you are establishing these habits first of all, what you think is important to really establish a good lifestyle and you just follow the habits. I mean, ultimately, it’s all about this plan right at the end of the day. It’s not about some specific heck or whatever. It’s just about staying discipline and it’s about sticking with the plan that you have. Sometimes you are going to go on vacation or sometimes you are just going to follow off track but the idea is you’re going to go back on track, you are going to make adjustments and you continue to move on. So, at this point, that’s how I really measure my life and obviously everyday I’m looking at analytics. I am looking at different tools just to see how marketing campaigns are going and all that but for me personally, that’s how I look at life at this plan. Hopefully, well with technology, things are just going to improve and things are it’s going to get better and better over time.


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