GB Ep 49: How to Create Effective Landing Pages in Minutes

How to create effective landing pages in minutes

Today we’re going to talk about how you can create attractive, effective landing pages in minutes. The tool I’ll be talking about is LeadPages, which has a lot of templates to offer.

  • LeadPages offers lots of templates you can sort through by conversion rate, most recently developed, anything. [01:21]
  • You choose a template, make a few changes in terms of content, images, plugin integrations. [01:40]
  • It’s a tool I wish I had from the beginning: it reduces the design and development costs. It also saves time and headache because you don’t have to deal with back and forth revisions with third party contractors. [01:52]
  • With LeadPages, you pick a page and spend 15-20 minutes making changes, then you can have it up and running. You can host it on LeadPages, put it in WordPress, or upload the HTML file if you use another CMS. [02:24]
  • LeadBoxes are in-text popups that give you more opt-ins. It’s very effective if you’re guest blogging on someone else’s website. [02:57]
  • LeadPages has some other features coming out that don’t require their templates, so you can use your old pages, upload the HTML file and make changes. [03:27]
  • Another feature is called LeadDigits, which allows you to take mobile opt-ins and can send out SMS reminders for things like webinars. [03:51]
  • If you want to check out LeadPages, go to (Full disclosure: it’s an affiliate link.) [04:31]
  • Of the different tools I’ve tried, this one is great because it’s made for marketers, so it’s perfect for someone like me. It’s helped my webinar numbers go up. [04:45]

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